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About us

OKTabletop is the next phase of OKDnD. OKDnD is a loose federation of Dungeons & Dragons groups up and down the Okanagan Valley that meet bi-monthly for discussion, help people get into games, volunteer at expos and cons, and run roleplaying events. We are currently in the process of widening our remit to include many other types of tabletop games — eg. other roleplaying games, Warhammer, Netrunner, and boardgames.

Thus, OKTabletop.com is currently an early work in progress. Expect changes. And if you want to contribute, get involved!

If you would like to learn more about the thinking behind this transition, read the following forum thread: A couple of Proposals for Growth.

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How to Connect


Our events are all announced using Meetup.com. That is the backbone of the organization. Become a member to get notified of all the latest events, and interact with other members.

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Other ways to connect

We are an active group online as well. Besides the Meetup.com forums, we also interact on the following networks:

Google Plus Slack